Our Memorial tree program

We’ve partnered with a nonprofit organization dedicated to planting trees. Thanks to this, we include a certificate to redeem a free Memorial Tree sapling for your family with the sale of any of our eco-friendly adult caskets. These certificates are also available for sale separately. With this program, we hope to add a new level of remembrance to a loved one who has passed, while adding a few more trees to the landscape.

All adult caskets ship with a Memorial Tree Program certificate inside. This certificate is to be given to the family as a symbolic gesture and thank-you for choosing an eco-friendly product from Passages. The family must redeem their tree sapling through our online order form, using the certificate number provided, and they will receive their tree within 7-10 days of it being sent. We arrange for trees to be sent every 30 - 60 days. Memorial Trees should be planted upon receipt and are guaranteed for up to one year from planting. The tree will be replaced at no charge if it does not grow.

*Only available in the continental United States and Alaska.

If you are redeeming your certificate in connection with the purchase of one of our products, please accept our sincere condolences for your loss. It is our hope that our Memorial Tree Program will help bring life into a time of grief, and will live on in memory of your loved one for many years to come.


Guaranteed to Grow

The species of tree you receive will be selected by our partner, based on the region where the tree is sent, to ensure you receive a tree that will thrive in your area. Your tree will be sent to the address you provide, packaged in a 14" recyclable plastic tube with detailed planting instructions. At this time, we are only able to ship within the continental United States and Alaska. This map gives a general idea, and while the tree species selected may be different than what is shown, it will still be a match for your area.

To order your Memorial Tree sapling,
please click the link below.